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I slept too late and I should probably go get my car looked at today. The smell of burning rubber is never a good sign…


Peace comes from within
Do not seek it without.

- Gautama Buddha

(by x)

Release the negative energy and open yourself up to a flow of positivity.

Christmas present I’m getting for my best friend and myself from Human!! He’s getting the snow miser and I’m getting the heat miser - because that’s so us! We both love Christmas but I’d rather it be early autumn weather and only on December 24th and 25th have like a shit ton of snow. That’d be perfect. Anyway, we need to be matching for nerd’s sake!! :D

I’m getting really tired of being told not to “make things so perfect” or to “stop being so exact”. I’m not doing it on purpose, and I can’t help it. To me, I feel like I’m just being organized. I know part of it is my OCD and I’m trying to not be so meticulous but I just can’t help it. There are already a lot of things I try to just let go because it’s not worth my time fixing. Other times I don’t even realize I’m doing it. And that’s when I get criticized. But I refuse to be sloppy on purpose. I don’t know what to do and don’t know if I should say something or not.

I feel like my brain is being stretched like gum.

I’m bored and am clicking around on Google maps. I always find myself looking at the street views of Japan. Aaaand I basically want to go all the way to Japan just to see this place on the corner. Lol. It looks like it’s called Loops and appears to be some kind of plant/flower shop, but I’m getting like NO information on it. If you live in Japan and/or know about this place, message me or reblog with an @ to me because I’m just super curious! :D


I ordered a slushy from Sonic and they got my order wrong, so I got to keep the one they fucked up AND my mom splashed boiling water all over me, including my fucking right nipple which is now burnt.

Nature is so beautiful… I just wanna eat it all up!


Deborah Simon’s Incredibly Realistic Sculptures Reveal Internal Systems Of Bears

Deborah Simon sculpts anatomically correct bears out of polymer clay, faux fur, linen, embroidery floss, acrylic paint, glass, wire and foam. Aside from their size (around 22″ high), Simon’s bears are realistically detailed and meticulously fabricated. Her inside-out bears tread the boundaries of taxidermy, toy, and sculpture.

“Evolution has always held a particular fascination for me, informing how I create and group the animals in my work. As I’ve read and dug through museum collections to research my pieces, western science’s mania for labeling, codifying and collecting has stood out. Most of this categorizing bears little resemblance to how animals and plants exist out in the natural world and I find this disconnect fascinating.




brilliant green flash labradorite for sale on my Etsy shop! please don’t delete this text, I worked very hard on this. thank you.

So pretty!




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** TW: Objectification of women, rape apology, abortion **

Alright, feminist-bashers, misogynists, or just plain ignorant, oppressive people. Listen the fuck up.

Objectifying a woman is totally and completely different than a woman choosing for herself to apply any amount of make-up. The same thing goes for the personal choice of hairstyle or dress, or even career. The only instance when any of those things are harmfully “objectifying” is when a person has no choice in doing those things (or when they feel as if they have no choice, ie. a woman feeling that she is not valued or treated well enough without make-up on).

When I make the personal choice to wear any amount of make-up, I do it for myself. I’m not dressing for a man, or any other person I’m trying to impress. Which means I’m not looking for your comment of disapproval, no matter how big I paint on my cat eyes or on the days when I don’t wear any make-up at all. This is a personal choice, and I don’t give a fuck how you feel about it. I’m not doing it to objectify myself, I’m not doing it for anybody but me.

Why is it that a woman’s choices become the business of anyone she comes in contact with? Why am I to be judged for wearing lots of make-up (“you’re pretty, why don’t you wear less make-up?”) or for wearing none at all (“you look tired, are you sick?”). This is the same mentality that tells people that other choices a woman makes are meant to be judged by others. She wears short skirts? She must be a “slut,” which means if she is raped, you’ll be less likely to hold her rapist accountable. She has a situation that you don’t know about or understand, and for her own reason, chooses to get an abortion? Well, the people who know better have to step in and stop her, to force her to carry a fetus to term that could wreak havoc on her life, her health, and the lives of those around her.

Until the choices of women- from how much make-up she wears to the personal health decisions she makes- stop being considered public grounds for discussion and judgement, there will still be a need for feminism. So in conclusion, get your sexist, uninformed, misogynistic meme the fuck out of here.

But would heterosexual women really even care about putting on makeup if the earth was devoid of males?

I’d just like to add my personal story: I’m a heterosexual woman and I went to an all-girls boarding school for one semester. While I attended this school, I wore make-up and my favorite clothing styles everyday. Experimented with curly hair and shiny nail polish. Not for my friends. Not to please my teachers. Not for any boys, who obviously weren’t even there. And y’know what? I felt even more comfortable doing it around people who care less about how I look than the ones who possibly do. I didn’t do this to be looked at or to attract anybody, because honestly, being objectifyed is a disgusting feeling (unless you wanna get laid or something), being judged and degraded to your attractiveness in first or whatever place is just, fuck, not cool at all, no human being deserves this (unless they actually want to and ask you to).

Dressing up and experimenting with colours on your face and making yourself look how you really like it, inspired by whatever, is fun, is comfortable, is awesome. Is for yourself. x

First, let me say that not at all am I saying this is about you ^. But even still, just because a woman puts on make up even when there are no men around, doesn’t mean she’s still doing it for herself (of course, we don’t know this about the woman because we cannot ask her if this is how she feels, so we mustn’t assume). Some women still compete around other women to show that her appearance is more beautiful than others - and yeah, some of this may be the affect of individuals’ personal issues. But this constant competitiveness between women, with or without men, is a shame. I mean, who fucking cares if she’s god damned Beyoncé. You’re beautiful if you say you are. Speaking of Bey, she made a good point that women are taught to compete over bullshit, over looks, over men, but not over the important things, like a career, or education, or raising a family… *Trailing off the subject of makeup* sorry. But anyway, you see, the patriarchy as influenced a lot of the ways women still interact with each other even when men aren’t to be found. This is why feminism is so important. It’s more than just not shaving your legs if you don’t want to, it’s more than just “anything a man can do, we can do too.” Patriarchy is so deeply rooted in our culture, we may not even realize that what we’re doing or have done were influenced just so. I’ve looked at a lot of my past behaviors and made the connections. If I were like that now, you would think I was a misogynist as well… *Trailing off on a rant again* sorry. Anyway, over all. Yes a woman should, can, and will wear, say, eat, love, hate, whom and whatever the fuck she wants so long as she wants because she is more than just a woman… She is a magnificent, strong willed, human being wielding consciousness, intelligence, love, desire, and power. Long live the feminists!

So, you think I’m fat?

Yesterday I went with my friend to Papa Murphy’s so she could get her and her youngest some dinner. I usually eat with her when I go to her house but I couldn’t as I had my wisdom teeth pulled Tuesday and eating anything that involved a lot of chewing was painful. So after the gal at the counter took my friend’s order, she asked me if she could help me and I declined, telling her I was with my friend. Then my friend tells the gal “She can’t eat pizza, she just had her wisdom teeth pulled,” to which I added, “Yeah, I’ve been living off of yogurt and cottage cheese… And oatmeal.” Quickly she replied, “Oh, well at least you’ll lose, like, fifty pounds.”

*Uhm, excuse me fucker?!
1) Did I say I was trying to lose weight?
2) Why do you assume that because I have fat (which is apparent to see), losing weight something I want to do?
3) Do you think if I lost 50 pounds I would give a fuck less about your rude ass comment?

*Things I should have said in reply:
1) It would cost less for me to lose weight than it would for you to fix your crooked tooth.
2) I’m not fat, I’m too wide for your narrow mind.
3) Fuck you.
4) *Thrust two fingers in the air and make fart noise* Jog on!!




The “first man-made biological leaf” could enable humans to colonise space»

if you aren’t hyped about synthetic life and colonizing space then get out of my face

i thought this was a sims 4 promo

For science and that last comment.